Hi Y'all,
Yes, we are afraid it is true: our set, as part of the 50th Anniversary Of The Summer Of Love on June 24th, at Threadgills World Headquarters, will be our final live show. Many factors have gone into this decision, including age, health, outside commitments, and even the ever-changing Austin music landscape, itself. It is simply time to give it all a rest. We are going to continue to record and release music, with perhaps a single release by year's end - John Bush is calling this our 'Beatles period' - with sights on one final "everything but the kitchen sink" full cd by 2020, which will be our fiftieth anniversary as a band.  
Greezy Wheels has seen many changes to it’s lineup over the years. Some have died, some have moved on - all are still considered by the band to be lifetime members, but the current group has been as much fun as any of the many permeations enjoyed by original (and always) members, Lissa, Cleve and Mary Hattersley. Penny Jo Pullus is now the longest-serving member besides the original Hattersleys, having been with the band since 2000. As we head into our hiatus (we are still too stubborn to call it retirement), Penny will continue her work on her own show, plus those of the John Bush Band. More importantly, she is now a lightning rod for women’s rights, hosting regular performances throughout the city focusing on women musicians and women’s issues.
John Bush, who has been with the band since 2007, has built an amazing in-home studio, which the band will continue to use over the next two and a half years. He will also be kept extremely busy this season with the Patrice Pike/Wayne Sutton Group, but only when he and Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians are not busy with their new recording project (yes, a brand new Newbos record is on the horizon!). Brad Houser, also an original Bohemian, will, of course be a part of that project, fitting it between all the work he does with an alarming number of Austin’s very best female performers. Matt Hubbard, the newest addition to the New Bohemians, will continue to front his hot unit on Wednesdays at C-Boys, record tracks with Willie, and power the mojo for the Golden Dawn Arkestra. Cole El-Saleh, our most recent addition to the Greezy Wheels, will continue to tour with Ullrich Ellison And The Tribe, among many other tres cool projects. Cole is also on a personal quest to find the world’s hottest peppers. Call him, if you have something special.
Lissa has established a niche already in the Austin jazz community, with her Trip Trio, featuring Mike Barnes and James Fenner from Extreme Heat. Folks will be able to see her often at the Elephant Room, as well as the Evangeline Cafe and all the coolest spots in Central Texas. Cleve and Sweet Mary have been enmeshed in a new project as well, Blazing Bows 2.0, which features the amazing Jordan Girls, as they prep for their first year together at Berklee College in the fall. Younger sister, Ella, has been working with them, while Minnie matriculated through her first year at Berklee, and the quartet will fiddle its way (yes, three fiddles - the motto: Fiddle. Fiddle. More Fiddle) through the rest of the summer. And of course, Mary’s original Blazing Bows continues to develop young players, just as it did the Jordans. Yes, there’s a couple special ones right behind the Jordans.
So that's that. Hope to see a good number of you folks at the show. It'll be a good one - how could it not be, with Extreme Heat and the Uranium Savages joining us on the show, a show that will happen about twenty yards from the original Armadillo World Headquarters stage. It will be both historic and hysterical. Wear tie dye.
Love y'all!
Fearless Greezy Leader


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